OHLC Horizontal ray line drawing tool for NinjaTrader 8


Quickly draw from a single click a horizontal line that extends from the Open, High, Low or Close of a bar to the right side of your NinjaTrader 8 charts.



From one click on your chart, this drawing tool for NinjaTrader 8 draws a horizontal line that extends from the selected bar price value to the right side of the chart:

The line can be created from the following bar price values:

  • Open
  • High
  • Low
  • Close
  • Midpoint from the candle body (midpoint from open to close)
  • Midpoint from the candle (midpoint from low to high)
  • or the line can be created from a single click anywhere on your chart

This makes annotating charts faster. It’s also very handy to have text associated with lines so it’s easier to remember what makes this level important or what action to take around that level.

The following options are also available:

  • Annotation text automatically created from the selected bar price value. This text can be edited. Option to make this text always visible, only visible when the line is selected or never visible.
  • Option to align the text to the left, right or the middle of the line.
  • Option to make the line visible only from the chart interval drawn from and lower or higher.
  • Option to extend the line to the left.
  • Option to change the line color and style.
  • Option to predefined line style for up to 9 chart intervals (period).
    • Comes with predefined line style for Monthly, Weekly, Daily and 1 hour charts which are customizable.
  • Option to show the price at which the line is drawn as a label visible at the line right edge.

Release notes

version 5.0 – December 6, 2022

  • Add option to draw the line either in front or behind the chart bars.
  • Add new option called “Cut drawing here” when you right click on a line. When selected, the drawing anchor point will move to where the mouse cursor was when opening the context menu. If the mouse was on the left of the most left anchor then the line will start from this new position. When selecting cut drawing here, the associated extension is automatically deactivated for that side of the line.
  • Add a second anchor (To Anchor). This allows to select where the right side of the line needs to end.
  • Add option to hold the Alt key to move freely the From Anchor (move in both X and Y directions). When holding the shift key the price doesn’t change and only the bar change. When not pressing any modifier key, price will follow the bar snapping price reference.
  • Bug fix: Now the default text string can be empty and the preset text will be visible when selected. Before the default text string needed to be not empty.
  • Bug fix: When trying to draw a line that needs bar price values in the right margin where there is no bar, the drawing will stay in build (pen cursor) until the user click over an existing bar.

version 4.0 – October 18, 2022

  • When you right click on a line, you can now extend it to the Left.
  • When you right click on a line, you can now show or hide the price label.
  • Annotation text can now be saved in the template.
  • Option to draw all lines with the same color.
  • You can now define up to 5 custom text fields. These predefined text fields can quickly be selected from the right click context menu.
  • You can now move the lines in both X and Y directions. Holding the Shift key down will move on X only (Horizontally only).

version 3.1 – May 31, 2022

  • The lines are now down behind the chart bars
  • Add default color for 5 minutes chart
  • Improve the reliability for drawing lines on a chart with multiple Data Series on the same panel or on a chart with Data Series on multiple panels
  • Add icon for the drawing tool menu and the Drawing Tool Tile

version 3.0 – May 27, 2021

  • Add free form option to draw the line from one click anywhere on the chart

version 2.0 – October 4, 2020

  • Initial release.


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