Key Levels indicator for NinjaTrader 8


Quickly and easily see any or all of the following key levels on your NinjaTrader 8 charts:

  • The Open, High, Low, Close, Midpoint between High and Low from the:
    • previous Day
    • previous Week
    • previous Month
    • 4 customizable intraday sessions
  • Select from 5 different types of Pivot Points to see the key support and resistance levels from the:
    • previous Day
    • previous Week
    • previous Month
  • Create projection levels (similar to Fibonacci extensions) from the 4 customizable intra-day sessions.


Speed up your analysis by automatically getting important levels such as the Open, High, Low, Midpoint between High and Low, and Close price of the previous Day, Week, and Month which could act as support or resistance.

You can also chose between 5 different Pivot types (Classic, Camarilla, DeMark, Fibonacci, Woodie) to see the previous Day, Week, and Month Pivot Points.

You can create up to 4 different intraday sessions (zones) by specifying the beginning time and optionally the ending time of each session. These custom sessions can be used to highlight the price action from the pre-market or after-market hours or it could be used to create an Initial Balance zone to highlight the range at the opening of the Regular Trading Hours.
For each custom intraday session, you can choose to see the Opening price level, the High, Low, and Closing price levels and the Midpoint between the High and Low of the session. You can also create projection levels from the custom session range which works similarly to Fibonacci extensions.

You can customize the label for each level that you choose to see on your chart. If you want, the label could also include the price level.

You can customize the line style and color for each level.

To better organize your chart and prevent cluttering, you can choose to align the labels to the left, right or the last available bar for each reference period (previous month, previous week, previous month, and each custom session).

This indicator is built for speed. On a 15 minutes chart loaded with 400 days of historical data, our indicator loads in less than 1 second which is much faster than the official NinjaTrader Pivots Indicator available by default with the NinjaTrader installation which takes around 60 seconds to load. This makes scrolling through instruments during the day much more enjoyable and usable. Our indicator only displays the values for the current trading day whereas the default NinjaTrader Pivots indicator will show the values for prior days as you scroll your chart left.  

Release notes

version 1.1 – June 2, 2024

  • Resolve a timezone conversion issue when the NinjaTrader interface language differs from the language set in MS Windows.

version 1.0 – August 26, 2022

  • Initial version.


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Whenever you wish, you can purchase an update license at 80% to 90% discount of the Product regular selling price to extend your license with another year of free updates.

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